Fresh Sod

At Green Guru, we only offer sod cut the same day we deliver! That’s what makes us different than our competition in the the Tampa bay area. Our sod farms take pride in growing the best sod pallets in the industry. Offering same day delivery, installation and damaged lawn repair. For the greenest and freshest sod in the area, Green Guru is your best choice!.

Choose Green Guru to install a new lawn that is beautiful and durable enough to stand up the harsh Florida weather conditions. Our installers get the job done right the first time, thoroughly preparing the area so you can enjoy a green, lush lawn that will stay healthy for years to come! Our Tampa bay’s leading sod professionals are here to help you with all your sod installation needs..

Types of Grass

ZOYSIA Icon Zoysiais a naturally, emerald green zoysia muck grass that is drought tolerant and quick to establish. Icon Zoysia is one of the most salt tolerant turf varieties available and requires much less watering, mowing and fertilizer.

BERMUDA Celebration is a deep blue-green bermuda grass that has finished best in numerous university research studies for wear tolerance and recovery, drought resistance and tolerance, and bermuda grass shade tolerance. Found in professional and college sports fields, golf courses, and home lawns.

419-BermudaTIFWAY 419 BERMUDA TIFWAY 419 BERMUDA has been the most popular sports turf in the Southern U.S. and Gulf Region for over 40 years. With a dense, rapidly spreading growth habit and quick recovery from injury, Tifway 419 is one of the most durable Bermuda grasses on the market.

Palmetto-St-AugustinePALMETTO ST. AUGUSTINE Palmetto St. Augustine is a hardy, low maintenance turf grass with outstanding emerald green color. It performs well in full sun, yet also thrives in shaded areas with 3-4 hours of direct daily sunlight. Palmetto has been recognized coast to coast as a landscaping standard since 1994.

FLORATAM-St-AugustineFLORATAM ST. AUGUSTINE FLORATAM St. Augustine is the most widely produced and purchased turfgrass in Florida and is very popular in the entire Gulf region. First released by the University of Florida and Texas A&M in 1973, this blue-green muck grass has withstood the test of time as one of the most cost effective St. Augustine grasses.

Seville-St-AugustineSEVILLE ST. AUGUSTINE SEVILLE St. Augustine is a fine-leaved, dwarf St. Augustine muck sod. With a dark green color and low growth habit. Seville performs well in both shade and full sun.

Argentine-BahiaARGENTINE BAHIA Argentine BAHIA is a pasture grass, low-maintenance lawn grass that performs well with limited water and fertilizer. Bahia does not require irrigation. It is for this reason that Bahia is widely used for erosion control on roadsides and retention ponds due to it’s deep root system.

Empire-ZoysiaEMPIRE TURF EMPIRE Turf is a medium-bladed, dark green zoysia muck grass that features excellent wear tolerance, requires less mowing and chemical applications and is chinch bug resistant. EMPIRE Turf is also drought resistant.